A helpful diagram for an unhelpful situation - oh and a story -

I'm going to spare you all from trying to wax poetic. Hell, I'm not even sure I could if I wanted to. This are pretty fucked up right now. I made this helpful diagram so you could better grasp my feelings about it all:

Yeah, it's pretty dumb, but I've been seeing a lot of dumb shit these days.

About a million years ago in a small town in Minnesota there was a girl who for all intensive purposes did not fit in. She did not think the same as everyone else, she could not manage to act the same as everyone else and she was always saying the most ridiculous things.
(Which, admittedly, is small stuff compared to the problems that others in the town faced and how they were treated.)
Generally, people didn't really want her around. So she read books. A LOT of books.
In those books were places that filled her dreams and people from all over the world.
When she grew up she started to actually see some of these parts of the world in all their glory and despair and she knew that THAT was the world she wanted to be a part of. The honesty, the grit, the joy and suffering. 
She left that small town and doesn't go back because that town is full of people that have learned to pretend that they are better when really they are just stupid and afraid.

Ok, I'm pretty fucking lucky. Let me be perfectly clear on that. Part of what makes me so lucky is that I am surrounded by so many amazing people with so many outsanding lives different from my own. I learn so much every day. I shove my foot in my mouth and they correct me. They have been gracious as I have slowly started shedding a lot of bad habits and unlearn a lot of bad thoughts.

When she left she was told many times that it was not safe outside of the town. That they were the only ones who could protect her. But the further and further she got away the more she learned how dangerous the townspeople are. How they passed cruelty off as fun and destruction was just passing the time. 

This is the America that feels so left behind. I understand that part of it was not by choice but by circumstance, but I also know the truth that many stayed back. They stayed back or went back out of fear. And that fear grew into something monsterous. Something terrifying. It grew into hate.

Just as the girl thought she had found paradise the truth emerged:
The townspeople are everywhere and they have been quietly preparing for a battle.
The enemy? They aren't even sure. They just know that the enemy is not like them.
But the fools. How do we educate them before it's too late.
We were never any different.
We just traveled down different paths.
We built ourselves different worlds.

Honestly, friends, I'm just trying to make sense out of all of this. While I do, you better believe that I am going to be working my ass off to make a safer world for all of my friends and neighbors of all colors, all religions, all sexual indentities and preferences and you if you want to come along. I don't know how yet exactly, but I have some ideas and some dear friends who are already doing some good work.

Our actions are the building blocks to the worlds we create for each other. Fucking think about that shit, okay?

Oh and remember when I said I wasn't going to try to wax poetic? Well, fuck off.

Sorry, I love you fair reader, it's just been a bitch of a week and it's been so hard watching the acts of hate and seeing my friends suffer. (see the diagram)