Asking... is so... hard.

I help run a small fiscally sponsored non-profit filmmaking community group (say that 3 times fast) and we only raise money one day a year. Today is that day.

My fellow POV board members, Ben and Andrew, showing off our awesome poster designed by Joe Rapp.

My fellow POV board members, Ben and Andrew, showing off our awesome poster designed by Joe Rapp.

So, I've always been bad at asking for stuff. 
Telling people to do stuff in certain situations comes naturally, but asking for help and especially for money... I just wasn't raised that way.
So, here I find myself helping run a non profit who depends on donations to hold events.

Through the 6 years of making Persistence of Vision: A Filmmaking Collective a thing, I have learned a lot of lessons about leadership, community and the importance of just asking.
They say, "it never hurts to ask" but, man, it feels like rejections could possibly be the absolute worst.
It's not, by the way.
Over the years I've had to roll up my sleeves and just ask. 
Honestly, I'm still not great at it, but it is so very good for me to have to do.
Life continues to teach me that I cannot do it all on my own. My pride just needs to step aside and I realize more and more that there is goodness in being able to ask. Just like I like to help others, they like to help me.

Last year we went bigger than we ever had before. We decided to start our own film festival.
Now, it was purposefully small, we call it the Minne MIni Film Festial

BUT It was way more successful than we thought it would be: pleasant surprise, for sure.
We made this little video to explain how it all went down (and what we plan to do this year.)

Wasn't that fun!

To make it happen the first time, we just went for it. I was terrified. 
That's not just rejection, that's rejection on a mass scale.
That's everyone saying "You and your idea is dumb and you shouldn't be allowed to do it"

AND THAT'S exactly what DIDN'T happen.
I learned a lot about gratitude that day when we reached our goal and then had it matched by an anonymous donor. I also learned more about accountability.
 I believe we exceeded expectations and we hope to exceed them further this go around.

Anyway, maybe by this time you are wondering when I'm just going to ask already.
(I've been working up the courage this whole time)
Okay, okay.

Will you, dear reader, consider hopping on over to your GiveMN page

Check out our message, our sweet perks and donate if you can.
We seriously will not be able to have a Minne Mini Film Festival next year without donors like you. ANYTHING helps, and you are helping me and teaching me that it's ok to just ask.

Thank you fair reader.