The first of many firsts.

Setting goals, trying not to think too much, making it happen

Welcome, darlings, to my first blog post in the history of the world EVER.

Let's be real, taking the time to be creative is hard.
Taking the time to share your work is even more difficult.

Not to mention the risk of rejection... OH GOD PLEASE DON'T HATE ME!

Hopefully, we'll all get over this soon enough, fair reader.

What can you expect from a human doing's blog?
Well, let me tell you:
Other than a lot of misspelling and grammatical errors, you can expect to read about what's new in my work, in my filmmaking, new endeavors (art, dance, insert something random here), I will probably share recipes and just lay down some rad life wisdom.

That last one may be debatable.
One thing that won't be debatable is that this is going to be an adventure for me... and maybe for you.

(hope you like dog pics)