Recipe Round-Up: Multi-Media Theater and Moving

Holy cow, it's been a busy few weeks!

Things I do not recommend: co-creating and producing a multi-media theater piece that involves being on stage operating a camera that transmits live to a massive screen (STRESS) AND buying and moving into your first ever grown up house (HOLY MOTHER OF STRESS).

All are good things: The show, Animus, was a hit and I plan to go into MUCH more depth about that in another post. Our new home is adorable and we love it, minus a few issues with our oven and the plumbing. 

Through all of this, I had to feed myself and Nick and our amazing friends and family who helped us through the moving process. I decided to forgo the usual promise of pizza and beer as a moving reward and instead offered up tacos and LaCroix (with an option to BYOB).

Tacos are delicious, don't make me feel like complete garbage when I eat them (unlike pizza - which I love, but always makes me pay the price) and you can customize them to your liking.

Last Christmas, I begrudgingly accepted an Instant Pot pressure cooker as a gift. What the heck was I going to use it for? Like I need ANOTHER kitchen gadget.
Turns out, it basically saved my life these last few crazy weeks. The instant pot in combination with our collection of slow cookers (we have two, it's fine, calm down) made the moving meal prep pretty much a breeze.

The recipes:
Chicken Tinga:
(I skipped the onions, a few friends are not fan, and I lost our bay leaves in the move so I skipped those too. I also did a combo of chicken breasts and thighs. Thighs don't shred up as nice but they are yummy. Also I used a can of fire roasted tomatoes for extra flavor)

Image: Paleo OMG

Image: Paleo OMG

Pork Carnitas
Even though I did crisp these up in the oven, they did end up in a slow cooker and quickly became not crispy again. So, I guess I could have just skipped that step.

Black Beans:
This recipe is a staple for me. I just throw it together and put these bad boys on everything I can - usually rice. Lately I've been mixing the left overs with the chicken tinga and rice, but I think tonight I'm going to throw a fried egg on top and have it with some bread and avocado.

I also had a bunch of spaghetti squash cooked up as another non-meat alternative... I think they are still in my refrigerator at my old place. I should probably hunt those down and make them into something yummy before they go bad.

A few more recipes that were giving me life during the move:
This soup basically changed my life-

I've been craving broccoli like crazy and this really hit the spot while also being warming, comforting and yummy. I didn't do the pork bit, but I'm sure it's delightful.

I also had a TON of overripe bananas that I just threw in my freezer to deal with later, so I made several batches of these:

I just can't seem to do a lot of sugar anymore, but still crave something sweet. Plus it's a great grab and go calorie infusion when you are on the go. I added dark chocolate and toasted walnuts, partially to clean out my cupboards.... or at least that's what I'm telling myself.

Lastly, THIS RECIPE is so good and so easy and SO GOOD.
I used a weird Frank's hot sauce sriracha blend I found at the store since they seemed to be out of anything that resembled regular Frank's Hot Sauce - must be football season - definitely extra spicy, which was totally cool with us.

So, that's that. I'm hoping things slow down a little AND our oven get's fixed so I can dive into some more intensive recipes. This has definitely been a fun challenge of making do with limited tools and supplied AND time.