Rocking the festival circuit with Lady Lillian

Just a quick check in as our award winning comedy short film makes the rounds.

I've had a number of people asking for further details about the success of the short film I produced and directed last January for a local filmmaking competition, Z-Fest. So, since festivals seem to be slowing down over the holidays, it seems like a great time to take stock of where Lady Lillian has been and what the film has won so far:

6 Awards -
Best Picture, Z-Fest Film Festival
Best Comedy, Z-Fest Film Festival
Best Production Design, Z-Fest Film Festival
Bill Murray Comedy Shorts Award, Twin Cities Film Fest (yes, THAT Bill Murray - more on that later)
Best Short Comedy, Gallup Film Festival
Excellence in Filmmaking, South Dakota Film Festival

15 Film Festivals and counting:
Z-Fest Film Festival
Duluth Superior Film Festival
South Dakota Film Festival
Gallup Film Festival
Atlanta Underground Film Festival
Shawnee Shorts Midwest Film Festival
Fayetteville Film Fest
Westercon 70
Twin Cities Film Fest
Comedy Shorts Film Festival
Sydney Indie Film Festival
IronStar International Short Film Festival
Rockport Film Festival FilmBath
Interrobang Film Festival

A million thanks to the festivals that have accepted and screened our crazy comedy!! Your support helps us continue to be able to make more work.