Pulling one of my favorite producer/director gigs out of the vault this week:

It's good to have friends. It's great to have friends who work for costume companies that need video content.

This series of videos was a dream. I directed and produced these internet spots and had the budget to hire and work with some of my favorites including two very talented actors: Katie Vannelli and Matthew Pitner. I've known Matt since my MSUM college days and has been a great friend who eased the transition from Fargo to Minneapolis greatly by providing a room to rent for a few months. Katie, I saw at an improv shot at HUGE Theater in Minneapolis and I had to resist the urge to stand up and scream, "HER! She's the one!" Later I shyly introduced myself and cast her for this gig. She was great, just like I knew she would be and has since become a good friend.

This job was done through my former production company, Circa Productions, so I brought in Mr. Ben Efron as Director of Photography, our friend Eric Carlson (now working with the folks over at Tremendous! Entertainment) was kind enough to play utility and help with lighting and we hired Jim Morgan from Conduit Sound for the audio. Jim is a pro and a delightful human being. He's off working in television and movies now, but it's always a treat to run into him. 
Hannah Eustis kicked major butt doing make up and wardrobe styling with crazy amount of costume changes.

We shot all 3 spots in one very fast paced day. Ben was also nice enough to let us shoot in his home, so that allowed us some much needed time to pre-rig the night before. Travis Mattick (my "in" at HalloweenCostumes.com) edited all 3 pieces in house and did a really great job. The puppet and puppeteer were also from HC.com and were a blast to work with.

Still the reigning champion of best shoot I've gotten paid to direct.