good good

My homage to former professor and mentor, Rusty Casselton.

"good good"
While working to get my film studies degree at Minnesota State University Moorhead, these were the words of approval I think all of us students sought after.
Rusty was the history and criticism teacher, department head and film studies patriarch. Although extremely supportive, he also pushed me and was quick to express when he thought I could do better. When we did our best or answered a question correctly, we would get a bright "good good" and then move through the rest of our day with a sense of achievement.

I sat through countless hours in Weld Hall, pictured above, watching movies (rough, I know) and listening to Rusty lecture. After the 1st year in the department, I took so many classes with him I had his class introduction speech memorized. He rarely varied it from the stern yet caring speech of someone that expects your best, but understands that you are a human.

Rusty passed away after surgery to try to treat his pancreatic cancer over Christmas break my junior year. I was devastated. We all were. We lost our father. 

This section of my website is dedicated to him.
Rusty always said, "Every movie is worth watching (holds up finger) once."

I always carried that, and many things him and the great faculty at MSUM taught, with me.

The "good good" posts are dedicated to reflecting on what I've watched: good, bad and everything in between. Brace yourselves.
I've got a minor in film history and criticism and it's about damn time I used it.