never mind

Holy crap, our baby is taking it's first steps. 
By baby, I mean this feature film adaptation of the novel The Plain Sense of Things, I've been working on with a few amazing ladies for the last several months.
And by first steps, I mean we are doing a public table read!

Our phenomenal writer, Helena, will be submitting the screenplay to the Slamdance Screenwriting Lab in June and we want to polish it up before then.

Helena originally adapted the novel for the stage during the Minnesota Fringe Festival. The play was a hit and ended up being chosen for an encore performance. 

I had the privilege of creating a trailer for that show:

Both of the talented leading ladies are attached to the film production and we will be chugging away at fundraising, casting and crewing up over the next year.

Stay tuned for more updates on this project. It's bound to an epic undertaking.