minne mini film festival

A film festival for mini films in Minnesota.

2016 seems to be the year I'm taking on big, scary projects. 
I help run a fiscally sponsored non profit filmmaking community group called Persistence of Vision: A Filmmaking Collective. That's a lot of words.

Basically, it's a support group for filmmakers. We want filmmakers to keep making films and keep making them better and better. POV had gone about this in various ways over the last 4 years including monthly meetings, screenings, group projects, challenges and productions.

Now we are going completely bonkers and putting on a film festival.
A mini film festival, but a film festival nonetheless.

We've got a sexy little website (thanks Squarespace!)

We held a very successful Give to the Max Day campaign so we could keep costs low for the submitting filmmakers and attendees and made this little 2 minute film to promote the campaign:

...oh boy, we have fun, don't we...

Check out our FilmFreeway page for submission info, and consider making a mini film of your own and sending it our way:

Keep an eye out on the Minne Mini website, here or on POV's Facebook page for more information and a few fun publicity stunts.


Another 48 Hour Film Project film from the vault for you to enjoy.

This film, oh man, what a ride. 
Sleeper was the first film I directed in the Minneapolis area and it's success during the competition was the reason I ended up making the move from Fargo, ND to Minneapolis, MN.

Another collaboration with Ben Efron, Director of Photography, Dustin Solmonson, Editor, and this time our old friend Max Heesch took on the challenge of writing.

This weird little film was selected for the Best of the Fest screening and won the award for Best Cinematography. We had some serious fun with Lensbaby for that sweet tilt shift effect and threw in a slider for good measure.

The location was Dustin's hunting cabin about 90 minutes outside of the city. I do not recommend making any lengthy drives during a 48 Hour Film Challenge, but we did it and we all survived. 

Bonus points to the lead, Sarah, for being totally badass and having to deal with some serious tick action.

For your enjoyment:

never mind

Holy crap, our baby is taking it's first steps. 
By baby, I mean this feature film adaptation of the novel The Plain Sense of Things, I've been working on with a few amazing ladies for the last several months.
And by first steps, I mean we are doing a public table read!

Our phenomenal writer, Helena, will be submitting the screenplay to the Slamdance Screenwriting Lab in June and we want to polish it up before then.

Helena originally adapted the novel for the stage during the Minnesota Fringe Festival. The play was a hit and ended up being chosen for an encore performance. 

I had the privilege of creating a trailer for that show:

Both of the talented leading ladies are attached to the film production and we will be chugging away at fundraising, casting and crewing up over the next year.

Stay tuned for more updates on this project. It's bound to an epic undertaking.

time box

Pulling this well loved little movie out of the vault: 
Time Box was created during the Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Challenge about 5 years ago.
Jeez, has it been that long?

I directed this project, working with my long time collaborators and friends Tyler Mills, Ben Efron and Dustin Solmonson.

Both the leads are fellow MSUM alums, freakishly talented and making one hell of a name for themselves in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Theater scene. So, it was a dream to work with them even on very little sleep.