minne mini film festival

A film festival for mini films in Minnesota.

2016 seems to be the year I'm taking on big, scary projects. 
I help run a fiscally sponsored non profit filmmaking community group called Persistence of Vision: A Filmmaking Collective. That's a lot of words.

Basically, it's a support group for filmmakers. We want filmmakers to keep making films and keep making them better and better. POV had gone about this in various ways over the last 4 years including monthly meetings, screenings, group projects, challenges and productions.

Now we are going completely bonkers and putting on a film festival.
A mini film festival, but a film festival nonetheless.

We've got a sexy little website (thanks Squarespace!)

We held a very successful Give to the Max Day campaign so we could keep costs low for the submitting filmmakers and attendees and made this little 2 minute film to promote the campaign:

...oh boy, we have fun, don't we...

Check out our FilmFreeway page for submission info, and consider making a mini film of your own and sending it our way:

Keep an eye out on the Minne Mini website, here or on POV's Facebook page for more information and a few fun publicity stunts.