good good

My homage to former professor and mentor, Rusty Casselton.

"good good"
While working to get my film studies degree at Minnesota State University Moorhead, these were the words of approval I think all of us students sought after.
Rusty was the history and criticism teacher, department head and film studies patriarch. Although extremely supportive, he also pushed me and was quick to express when he thought I could do better. When we did our best or answered a question correctly, we would get a bright "good good" and then move through the rest of our day with a sense of achievement.

I sat through countless hours in Weld Hall, pictured above, watching movies (rough, I know) and listening to Rusty lecture. After the 1st year in the department, I took so many classes with him I had his class introduction speech memorized. He rarely varied it from the stern yet caring speech of someone that expects your best, but understands that you are a human.

Rusty passed away after surgery to try to treat his pancreatic cancer over Christmas break my junior year. I was devastated. We all were. We lost our father. 

This section of my website is dedicated to him.
Rusty always said, "Every movie is worth watching (holds up finger) once."

I always carried that, and many things him and the great faculty at MSUM taught, with me.

The "good good" posts are dedicated to reflecting on what I've watched: good, bad and everything in between. Brace yourselves.
I've got a minor in film history and criticism and it's about damn time I used it.

twin cities film fest

Over the last 3 years, I have had the privilege of being the video producer for the Twin Cities Film Fest. Every year in August my calendar begins to fill up with meetings, promo and interview shoots and I get to meet and work with some of the most talented filmmakers in the Twin Cities, the United States and even the WORLD.

It's pretty cool. I also get to work with a great team, a bunch of go-getter interns from Art Institutes International and IPR, and some really talented crew members.

We get to highlight some of our local talent, lesser known indie films on the same stage as elite Hollywood stars. That is pretty neat.

The video team makes promos for each day of the fest and some of our special series:

We shoot filmmaker interviews before the festival to show off our local talent:

During the festival, we slam out an intense amount of content including daily recaps, red carpet and behind the scenes videos:

time box

Pulling this well loved little movie out of the vault: 
Time Box was created during the Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Challenge about 5 years ago.
Jeez, has it been that long?

I directed this project, working with my long time collaborators and friends Tyler Mills, Ben Efron and Dustin Solmonson.

Both the leads are fellow MSUM alums, freakishly talented and making one hell of a name for themselves in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Theater scene. So, it was a dream to work with them even on very little sleep.