pursuit fitness

While working at the National Sports Center, I had the sweet perk of getting to work with a trainer 3 times a week and become completely shredded.
By shredded, I mean simply be in the best shape of my life.
No really, it's kind of scary, I can do everything better and faster than I could even when I was a youthful and exuberant high school athlete.

Anyway, Cam is a great trainer and he decided to branch off and start his own company called Pursuit Fitness: http://www.pursuitfitnessmn.com/

Starting a new business and all, he needed a website and that website needed pictures.
Cam hired me to run around for a training session and snap a bunch of photos.

He wanted a gritty look, plus the equipment, location and lighting kind of forced our hand in that direction. All the photos were shot with a Canon 7D using a couple different zoom lenses.

I edited the images in Photoshop to enhance the texture and contrast while giving them all a consistent look.